A bookkeeping solution that is right for you 

Your bookkeeping needs depend on the size and the nature of your business and the number of daily/monthly transactions. Whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, or a small or medium business owner, we can assist you in simplifying and streamlining your bookkeeping and record-keeping tasks. We offer a wide range of bookkeeping solutions including in-house part-time bookkeeping (where a bookkeeper visits your premises on a weekly or monthly basis to complete bookkeeping, filing, and record-keeping tasks), month-end reconciliations (where bookkeeping and reconciliations are completed at the end of every month) , and electronic document bookkeeping (where your electronic and scanned documents are sent to our office through a secured portal). We also offer services to install and train you or your staff on how to use a bookkeeping software package. 


Quickbooks ProAdvisor certified


Our full-cycle bookkeeping package includes the following services : 


  • Produce payroll cheques for your approval from time records and salary masterfiles.


  • Produce cheques for payment of supplier accounts;

  • Produce cheques and related reports for payroll deductions and benefits;

  • Record sales and taxes collected from invoices;

  • Record bank transactions from bank statements and deposit records;

  • Reconcile selected accounts;

  • Prepare PST return; and

  • Provide you with an update of the general ledger, accounts receivable and payable ledgers, and payroll records.


  • Prepare GST/HST return.


  • Prepare employee T4 reports.

An all-in-one solution

 At MKG, we are dedicated to making accounting and record keeping for your business a breeze. We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Bank and account reconciliations

  • Payroll

  • HST

  • Monthly, quarterly, interim and year-end financial statement preparation

  • Management consulting

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