About me

I graduated with a Bachelor of Administrative Studies with Honours degree, specializing in Accounting from York University in 2008 and became a member of Certified General Accountants and Chartered Professional Accountants in 2013. My work experience has been primarily in accounting, reporting, and analysis in a wide range of industries including non-for-profit, Government, advertising, and corporate services. I work with professionals, entrepreneurs, and owner managers who take a hands-on approach to their businesses and are interested not merely in complying with regulatory requirements but also in understanding their businesses’ financial prospects, needs, and obligations. I strive to transform my clients’ outlook of accounting and taxes from intimidating and daunting to informative and useful in order to make sound business decisions. As Chartered Professional Accountants, we are all trained in accounting and taxes and must abide by the rules of professional conduct. My expertise lie in my ability to make sense of your financial information and provide you with easy-to-understand reporting and add-value services so you can run your business smoothly and achieve your short and long term financial goals.


Mohammad Khosh-Ghalb CPA, CGA